Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seattle... Oh Boy!!!

WElll i just got done with an absolutely wonderful spring break. It started out great with me attending some March Madness games as well as cheering on the Aggies (I must be a bigger fan than Clare.) Saturday I went to my friend Evan's cabin all day and had an absolute blast! Then nothing too exciting happened from then till tuesday. Tuesday I flew up to Seattle to go visit my sister Lauriann and my brother in law Joe and Madison and Hayes. The first day was great... we went to a delicious Indian lunch buffet (which I have been craving ever since.) We then went and visited the Freemont troll who resides under a bridge. He was large and massive and scarry all in one. We then travelled to a psychotic store where they had the oddest items available. I bought flavorless mints while joe bought bacon mints and Luariann bought "commie" mints. The mints were very delicious. We then went and saw a lock system and had the opportunity to see 1 large boat and 1 small boat go through. (It has always been my dream to see a lock system in action and had been on my "bucket list".) We then called it a day and had delicious pizza bread and then watched Get Smart with some popcorn and GUSs. The next day we went to what would be compared to the discovery center here in Boise. We saw lots of awesome stuff as well as learned some interesting things. After that we had the MOST delicious dinner that i have ever had in my life... it was called Flalofl or something like that... and Joe made some OFL just for the occasion. And dont worry he was very upset that i drank my OFL very fast. NEWSFLASH they are basically my heroes now as well... they made me FUNFETTI as well as bought me my cereal... yummm!!! We watched American Idol that night. The next day was probably the overall highlight of my spring break. We took a ferry boat ride across the water and then drove to Sequim (SKWIM) where we went to a type of zoo where animals come up to your car and you can feed them and they will lick your windows. Lauriann read the whole time. Then we took the ferry boat back and had a delicious rib dinner.

The next day I hung out around the house and looked after the kids a bit... it was really fun. Then we went to red robin! and then I flew home!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just a li'l update

Well it has been a while... but nothing too exciting has been going on (at least no pictures either!) I have been sick since friday with the flu... not so fun so dont try it. Oh a couple of weeks ago I raced for my school in the ski and snowboard race "Dotty Clark." I got to miss all of school that day. Even though I did not win... Capital won so it was all good. I have been doing indoor soccer... and now just recently we started outdoor soccer.

Miscellaneous fact about my life: I just joined the Capital tennis team... and I made JV! (which is nothing special) but i think i am really good at being on JV. So I am very busy with soccer, tennis, and school work.... and i even have some dates in the works.

Things I am looking forward to:
Well outdoor soccer games start this saturday... Im stoked!
Spring Break will for surely be the bomb DOT com. Im going to Seattle to hang out with Joe, LVD, and mad-dawg, and toad.
SPRING! but not really... i prefer winter or summer or fall... spring is my LEAST favorite.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

This year's October ended in a big bang. For Halloween, I went to my friend Austin's house. There were about 10 people there. We did a little trick or treatin and ate some pizza, and watched What Lies Beneath, which was not as scary as it was when I saw it when I was 8. For my Halloween costume... I had to do some quick thinking. I created and compiled my costume within 5 minutes before the party. The result... The Kilgore Superhero

Thursday, October 23, 2008

CHS Varsity 08

This past summer/fall I have been playing for the varsity soccer team at Capital High. I played every single game and pretty much almost every single second. There was only one game I did not start, and that was on senior night. My team struggled a bit. We were the youngest team around with only about 5 seniors. We actually did win some games believe it or not. The worst game that i played in was our first district tournament game where we played Vallivue in a blizzard in the beginning of OCTOBER. By the end of the game there was about an inch of snow on the field and I was FROZEN. Now it is soon time to start indoor soccer =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This last Saturday, my friends and I got together and had a Homecoming group together. My date was Ashley. We made dinner for the girls at Evan's house. We had this pretty sweet thing called a racclete grill that we used. The menu; shrimp and pineapple skewers, chicken, fried zuchinni, potatoes and cheese, salad, sherbet, and chocolate covered strawberries.

After dinner we left to go to the dance which was at Idaho IceWorld. The dance was pretty fun. We only danced for a few songs and waited in line for pictures FOREVER. After we got our pictures taken we left and went to my house.

My mother prepared delicious brownies and had bought carmel cheescake icecream. She was also very excited about the plates she bought for us (green with black bats on them). The remainder of the night we played the game "Curses" and had a blast.

I was also pushing it when i bought what I was to wear about 3 hours before I went to pick up Ashley. All in all, I think it turned out to be a fun and amazing night.

EFY 2008

This past summer I was able to fly down to Salt Lake to attend an EFY at the University of Utah. I had a blast. We took silly pictures... played some intense games.... and just had some fun. For our pizza night we set up around 157 mattresses for Human Mattress Dominoes. We lined them up throughout the whole first floor and up the stairs through most the second floor. It was crazy

I can't wait for next years!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Everybody is doing it

Yes, I got a blog... why I really do not know. I guess basically because all of my siblings are doing it. That is usually why I decide to do things. But basically I heard that Paris Hilton kept a blog so I just HAD to.